Here I collect information about all sorts of projects that I do on my spare time.

Fupper – Flickr upload tool for Series 60

Fupper - Flickr upload tool for Series 60

Fupper is a Flickr upload tool that I did some time back for Series 60 2nd edition phones using Python for Series 60. This includes also a S60 port of Beej’s Python Flickr API implementation that is available for anyone who wants to develop a Flickr application with Python for Series 60.

More info about Fupper in The latest version of the Python for Series 60 Flickr API can be found from here.

3rd Party Modules for S60 Python

I’ve made couple of 3rd party modules for Python for Series 60 3rd edition. These are…

Python for Maemo Tutorials

I used to write these tutorials when Python was first released on Maemo platform and Nokia 770. Unfortunately they are a bit outdated now since the Maemo Python APIs have changed since. I hope these are still useful to some…

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